Saturday, January 31, 2009

Furniture - Animavi

Beautiful Chair + Ottoman that can boost your LEED rating

Yes, beautiful and sustainable, at once. Boasts:

- ecoresin™ from 3form®. Made from PETG co-polyester resin with 40% post-industrial recycled content. Non-toxic, does not off-gas and has fire retardant properties. 3rd–party certified by both Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) and Greenguard Indoor Air Quality™. Type 1 recycleable material.
- Soy-based hybrid foam cushioning
- Recycled/Recycleable internal seat/ottoman shell
- Solvent-free water-based Greenguard Certified adhesives
- 100% Natural Woven Felted Wool From Maharam. A natural, biodegradable product using heavy metal free dyes. Greenguard® Certified
- Ecolife Top Grain Leather From Green Hides, formaldehyde-free and biodegradable

Animavi was founded on principles of sustainability. Born out of a passion to design and distribute premium-quality, eco-intelligent furnishings and to educate through sustainable consultative services, Animavi serves both residential and commercial markets. Animavi products are fabricated with the highest-quality sustainable materials and are made in the USA.


This book is a must-read for anyone looking to remodel their home in an eco-friendly and sustainable way.

Dreaming Green was written by a LEED-accredited architect, and shows that you don't have to sacrifice design on the alter of sustainability

Event - Get ready for WEST COAST GREEN - OCT 2009

It's coming, and it's gonna be GREEN.

380 exhibitors will be showcasing the latest in resource-efficiency among a stunning array of green and healthy building products. Over 100 experts and visionary leaders will be presenting their latest developments, insights, and inspiration at the expanding frontiers of the field. And over 14,000 attendees including the entire chain of professionals and decision-makers rarely reached by other conferences are expected.

US Department of Energy - Passive Solar Design

U.S. Department of Energy - Building Technology Program

New construction offers the greatest opportunity for incorporating passive solar design features, as demonstrated by the design of the Solar Energy Research Facility in Golden, Colorado. For retrofit projects, consider daylighting strategies, heat control techniques, and using passive solar heating strategies to allow modification of HVAC systems.

Passive solar systems make use of natural energy flows as the primary means of harvesting solar energy. Passive solar systems can provide space heating, cooling load avoidance, natural ventilation, water heating, and daylighting. This section focuses on passive solar heating, but the other strategies also need to be integrated and coordinated into a whole-building design. Passive solar design is an approach that integrates building components—exterior walls, windows, and building materials—to provide solar collection, heat storage, and heat distribution. Passive solar heating systems are typically categorized as sun-tempered, direct-gain, sunspaces, and thermal storage walls (Trombe walls).

Architect - ENESIS

Spanish firm ENESIS designed Casa Llorenc, a beautiful, modern Half-troglodytic green residence in Mutxamel with solid green-building tenets, including:
- Thick walls
- Passive ventilation
- Passive daylighting
- Rainwater-fed swimming pool
- Passive solar techniques
- Reflective surfaces

Furniture - REK by Reiner de Jong


Bookcase that grows as your collection grows.

Composed of fully-recyclable materials.

Architect - Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Impeccable adaptive re-use.

With minimal changes to the footprint, this previously dark, disorganized 1950s suburban home was redesigned to blur the boundary between indoor living and the landscape beyond. A composition of enlongated colored boxes and planar elements organizes and enlivens the house. Circulation and living spaces occupy the resulting zones between. A spine of ipe decking and a series of playful round skylights draw one from the arrival point through the house to the living spaces and the wooded site beyond. A bold linear concrete wall links a new garage and studio, forming an entry court that simultaneously welcomes visitors and screens the private bedroom spaces nearby. Teak plywood cabinets, blackened steel, and Douglas Fir contrast with more modest materials such as painted MDF panels, fiber cement siding and simple drywall. A juxtaposition of exuberance and restraint, this house provides gracious modern living both connected to the land and responsive to the needs of a young family.

Furniture - Reinspired furniture by VEROKOLT

VERONICA KOLTUNIAK of VEROKOLT reconditions furniture, to become bold, modern, warm, and 'reinspired.'
Avocado Land Rocket Lacquered wood frame, Silk-Rayon upholstery, Tumbled Agate stone pulls, Satin polished metal legs 75”L 30”W 27”H


In the spirit of Sustainability and Modern design, Austin nursery & landscape design solutions provider, BIG RED SUN co-hosted an event entitled SUSTAINBLE NARRATIVE - Pursuit of Integrity in the Everyday Object.

January 30th 6pm - 8pm
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