Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Architect - Marcio Kogan - Brazilian Modern (part i) - GAMA ISSA HOUSE


This is the first in a series.

Few architects capture the essence of modernism and sustainability better than Brazil’s Marcio Kogan.

One solid example that underscore’s Kogan’s compelling characterization of Brazilian Modernism is the Gama Issa House.

Located in chaotic, noisy Sao Paulo, the Gama Issa house is a calm counterpoint to the frenzy outside her doors.

Originating as a simple white box, the house’s clean austerity forcefully exhibits Kogan’s “tension of thought” in sparing any unnecessary adornments.

The wall that faces the courtyard consists of a two-story wall of glass panels that slide away in a nesting fashion to open the inside entirely up to the courtyard. The upper and lower floors are connected by two enormous, floor-to-ceiling bookcases.

Natural daylighting and passive ventilation are accessible in virtually every area of the home.

Photos courtesy of Arnaldo Pappalardo

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  1. saw this house on a tv episodes as it amazes me. would love to see more of the house interiors :) just wonderful and elegant.


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