Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sustainable Modern African Digital Eco-Villages

Sustainable Modern African Digital Eco-Villages


The main product introduced is an innovative simple housing product that uses 45 similar pieces of material to create 15 equilateral triangles, which when assembled in a side by side configuration forms part of an Icosahedron and serves as an extremely strong, versatile and scalable framework, suitable for housing and various other shelter requirements. The simplicity of design, affordability, ease and speed of manufacturing and construction, and in comparison with other structures, uses less material to form a larger volumes over floor surfaces, requiring less training and minimal skill sets, thereby making an ideal product to provide housing for all. The product primarily addresses the affordability factor within the context of the housing shortage and requires the creation of an innovative deliverable mechanism which provides the opportunities for sustainable and integrated technologies in alternative and renewable energies, sanitation, water, food production, ICT and community development. My organization is involved in all the related activities as well as the development of hemp based building materials. The primary "beneficiaries" viewed more as client, producer/consumers and equity partners, are from the previously marginalized and historically disadvantaged communities.

Contact Information:
Joseph Feigelson
n'Kozi Developments (Pty) Ltd; & Kitchen Garden
6 Arundel Circle TOKAI 7945 South Africa
South Africa
Tel: +27217121293; +27828209646

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