Monday, February 2, 2009

Architect - Oppenheim

COR - a green building slated for rise above the Design District in Miami by 2011, is expected to re-write the rules on how a green building is designed. Snip from the Architect's website:

Scope: 480,000 SF mixed-use condominium complex. COR - the first sustainable, mixed-use condominium in Miami, represents a dynamic synergy between architecture, structural engineering and ecology. COR is to extract power from its environment utilizing the latest advancement in wind turbines, photovoltaics, and a solar hot water generation while integrating

them into its architectural identity. A hyper-efficient exoskeleton shell simultaneously provides building structure, thermal mass for insulation, shading for natural cooling, enclosure for terraces, armatures for turbines, and loggias for congregating on the ground. Comprising of commercial, office, fitness, live/work, and pure residential spaces, COR provides a uniquely flexible platform for lifestyle enhancement.

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