Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Book - Tropical Modern by Raul Barreneche


At AMAZON, it's a deal.

Consider this to be a walking tour through a partial list of my dream homes. By fusing elements of the Modern, and the Tropical, the experience is about seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, dancing sunlight throughout the volumes, and soughing breezes to keep the air naturally fresh inside.

Barreneche traveled the world between Cancer and Capricorn to locate luminary examples in Brazil, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Australia, Florida, Vietnam, Greece, and more. Featured architects in the book include:
Isay Weinfeld
Felipe Leal
Frank Harmon
Henry Myerberg
Leddy Maytum Stacy
Lahz Nimmo
Isay Weinfeld
Studio MORSA
Steven Harris
Marcio Kogan
Luis Guillermo Pons
John Hix
Geoffrey Bawa
William Lane
Isay Weinfeld

But one example is the Gold Coast Pavilion in Australia, by Innovarchi, where entire glass walls open up to the outside - even the bathroom wall. No moldy towels in that house.

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